Tony and Melissa


Dino, Mike, Rebecca, Josie and Shawn

My home building experience

Having had extremely bad experiences on 4 occasions with builders making horrendous mistakes, disappearing and ripping me off, I was very nervous.

After many inspections and walk through the display homes, I narrowed the search down to 2 builders; Metricon and G & P Builders.

I figured that the easiest way to see for myself was an impromptu inspection of each builder’s work in progress in the area, without being “shown” to a purposely flash home or display home would be the biggest decider.

After looking at only one house each, the decision for me was easy, and it has been satisfying process all the way from there.

What I liked most building with Dino and Mike (besides having a great home) was the fact that I am in direct contact with Dino’s subbies, who actually take pride in their work. They have all been with Dino for a long time, they all know each other and all of them were polite and dedicated, to the point that on the odd occasion one of them would ask me to consider doing something or other differently in order to make the house look or function better.

My background and work as an engineer, in some ways can be my worst enemy as I look at detail and often see things done half right or sloppy workmanship. I understand buildings are not machinery and so there will always be some items not quite right. But I can in all honesty say I cannot fault the home you have built us. The workmanship is excellent.

A BIG Thankyou, to the team at G&P!

My next home will be built through you. Mike, be prepared for more grey hairs…

Best Regards Tony and Melissa at Spring Mountain