Kelly & Farren

Dear Mike, Todd and the G & P Team,

We absolutely love our new home, thank you all so much!

Todd – thanks for letting us drop by every day and talk to the trades. Thanks also for allowing us to undertake crazy landscaping tasks on weekends!

We have really enjoyed the building process and getting to know the team. Special thanks to Paul, the painter, love your work! Thanks also to Ralph, Leonard and Brayden, Paddy, Wayne, Graham, Didier, Simon, Glen (that slab!) and Mark and Stu! Thanks for answering all of our questions.

Thanks also to Raelene for her great advice at the epic colour selection meeting. And to Corey from McColl’s – great advice.

Thanks to Desley, Rebecca, Cory and Bec! For all the behind the scenes efforts, we appreciate the team effort required to deliver a quality home.

Mike! Bitter sweet, and so the journey ends with you. Thank you for seeing our vision and helping us bring this beautiful home to life. We love your honesty and professionalism. Thank you for answering all of our questions, I know we have a lot!

Great team, it’s been an absolute pleasure! P.S. We’ll keep you posted on the fountain!


Kelly and Farren