The “Signature Range” is the pathway that G & P Builders offers to build a variety of homes including single storey, two storey, acreage dwellings, split level homes, duplexes and stump homes – we can build any size and style your heart desires.

We can start with your own design ideas to create a custom design, or we can start from one of our previous plans to tailor it to your lifestyle and what your land has to offer.

You will also get to personalise your home through our “Inspired” and “Designer” inclusions and create your own “showcase” colour scheme from a blank canvas!

This process does involve your time and commitment to the journey!

Single Storey


Split-level Homes

Acreage Specialists

Stump Homes


A photo finish

We will be with you the entire journey and will help to ensure that your
home is finished the way you dreamed!

It's all about the details

We proudly stand by our reputation for creating lifestyle homes that are build to last and an attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that your new home is done right the first time.

Proper preparation

When preparing the site we ensure  that you have the highest building pad as possible, which extends to provide a great platform for entertaining and kids to play. On acreage blocks, where possible we work with the slope to minimise retaining walls. There is nothing worse than walking out your backdoor into a cliff face where a builder has short changed you on site allowances!

A solid footing

Some might call us old fashioned… BUT external footings/ trenches, with steel cages and plenty of concrete ensure your home will stand the test of time. You will not see any foam / waffle pods placed in our slabs! This is one of the details we are most proud of.

Structural Integrity

We use a roof truss / rafter spacing of 600mm, which means that you have the peace of mind that you are giving the home every possible opportunity to minimise the movement that can occur in your home. This is another detail that puts us ahead of most competitors!

Quality Fittings and Fixtures

We do not get paid for going back twice! This simple philosopy applies double to the fittings in our homes. Our inclusions are of the highest standard and they ensure that we are all happy with the results over the short, medium and long term.